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Senior online

  • 8Weeks


The basis of Life Kinetik is the same for everyone. We train the brain through low-intensity movements, perception and cognitive tasks according to a carefully tested structure. In this training aimed at seniors, we have removed movements that involve jumping, fast rotations and we work with silk cloths instead of balls (because balls fall faster). However, none of this affects the basic structure of Life Kinetik, which aims to challenge the person exercising in a playful and fun way. When we have fun and are on the verge of completing a task, dopamine forms in the brain - which facilitates the creation of new synapses. To be able to participate in this program, you need a computer, alternatively mobile phone or tablet, where you can handle video meetings (both see and be seen) and you need 2 silk scarves or similar. Before the meeting, you will receive a link to the Zoom video meeting tool in which we hold the training sessions. The maximum number of participants per group is set to 20 people. You decide where the limit is for "senior". We have adapted the training for those of you who feel alert in the head but not quite as fast in your movements as you were a few years ago.


1 500,00 kr


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