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How nice that you came to us, welcome!

We work with organizations, teams and people who have ambitions to develop and to feel and perform better, own their time, have energy and avoid stress.


We offer inspiring, activating and knowledge-enriching lectures, group training with Life Kinetik, mentoring, coaching and mental training. 

We give lectures at your place, at the company, the conference, the event - or online if you want. 

Group trainings are very popular and appreciated by management groups and teams that want and need to develop together or need energy to be able to perform.  


Mentorship, coaching and mental training - we create arrangements that suit your needs and challenges.


We are driven by making people better. We believe there is an inherent higher mental capacity in the vast majority of people, our mission is to bring out the inherent potential and make our clients mentally strong and become their best selves.


Audience doing life kinetik

What our customers say

Image of Sofie Brusell who is quoted
"The brain training and its methodology has not only been useful and educational, it has also strengthened us as a team and we have been looking forward to the next opportunity every week. Can highly recommend!"

Sofie Brusell, CEO at Gabardin

Feel good. Perform better.

We train and coach managers and employees, elite athletes and exercisers, children and seniors, people with brain fatigue and of course those who neither have any special challenges nor elite ambitions, but just want to feel good and perform better.

Some of those who hired us:

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