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We. Coach My Brain.

After more than 25 years each in the communications industry, we have now taken the step to start a company together, where the core is about personal development. 


Even though it has been a process to get there, it felt like we suddenly found "our why" when we sat down at school and started thinking about the brain, mental health and how it is relatively easy with different tools, approaches and training to feel and function better.


The more we read, the more we felt that we had to take advantage of our shared experiences from leadership, staffing, marketing, sales, branding, negotiation, PR, product launches, internal politics, crisis management, board work, team building and all that is.


What we want: We want to work with people and companies that want to develop. 


Regardless of how well or not well an individual, a team or business feels, functions and performs, it is always possible to get better - for those who want to. If there is the will, there are the conditions to formulate and achieve goals and dreams. 


We have the methods, tools and experience to draw the map and find the way to the goal.

Our why: Our driving force is positive energy and faith in the future, which we know exists in everyone who, like us, has a will, curiosity and drive to constantly develop. 


We believe in the equal value of people and are much more interested in who a person is than what they do. 


But most of all by who it wants to be and why. - Because then maybe we can help find the way there :)

Our how: In the move from the communication industry to the feel-good industry, in recent years we have thrown ourselves into how the brain works, which has been (and is) fantastically fascinating. Partly because the brain is just very fascinating, but also because there are always new things to learn.


Think that, for example, through movement-based training we can create new connections between our brain cells, or that through mental training it is possible to create memories of something you have visualized but de facto not done in reality. 


Since 2018, we have read 100s of books, taken licenses as Mental trainer, ICC Coach, Life Kinetik trainer, HRV/Heart Math trainer, trained several hundred people in Life Kinetik, lectured to over 1000, trained mentally and coached entrepreneurs , managers, professional footballers, job seekers and career changers. And we love it!

Article in "Chefstidningen":

Image of a clip from news about the company Coach my brain

Jessica Collin

Lic. Life Kinetik trainer, Lic. ICC Coach,


After 25 years in what, according to surveys, tops the list of the most stressful industries, I decided to do what I've long dreamed of: Start working in something where I can contribute to making the world a little better.

I am grateful for the years in the marketing industry as they have given me, among other things, great experience in leadership as well as employees, brand building, product development and sales.

It has given me insights and experiences about the importance of clear goals, a sense of context, being able to perform well under stress and how decisive the result of our work is in how we feel.

I have been a Licensed ICC Coach and a Licensed Life Kinetics trainer for a couple of years and have also spent some time studying the impact of diet on how we perform.


Through Coach My Brain, I want to work with people who prioritize their personal development in order to feel good and perform better.


Jessica looking into the camera

I dream of making the world a better place. By helping people feel better, and enhancing their abilities.

Daniel Collin

Lic. Mental trainer, Lic. Life Kinetik trainer, Mentor/Coach, Lic. Certified HeartMath/HRV Mentor

I am basically a market economist, with 25 years in various leadership roles in the media and advertising industry. After 13 years as CEO of the Swedish and Dep. CEO of the Nordic operations at one of the world's largest media agencies, it was time to do something else. What attracted me was a training to become a Licensed Mental Trainer, which I completed while working for 2 years as a strategist at an advertising agency before I discovered Life Kinetik. 

I felt like I had found gold! Life Kinetik is a training method for the brain that is very fun and makes people feel good and function better - also quite unknown in Sweden. Hallelujah!


About a month into the pandemic (perhaps the worst possible timing), I took the plunge and left the media and advertising industry and started training right after I had been trained by Björn Foghammar. Today there are a couple of hundred licensed trainers in Scandinavia, but I am a little proud to state that I am the first to work full-time with Life Kinetik and the one in Sweden who has the most experience in training people online._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

As a Mental Trainer, I coach both individuals and teams in business and sports. 25 years of experience in leadership, of which half of the time in an international business means that I have in many cases been in similar situations that my clients find themselves in and can easily identify with their challenges and opportunities.

Daniel looking into the camera

I find it hugely rewarding to work with people who want to develop and get lots of energy when someone grows, goes against any fears and reaches their goals.

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