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Life Kinetik audience

Meet some of our customers

We have trained and lectured about the brain and Life Kinetik for thou of people, companies and associations. Here we have collected a small selection of these who tell us what they experienced.

Malin Jonsson

COO, Nordax Bank

It has been so wonderfully rewarding to realize the potential I have when it comes to utilizing my brain capacity and then every week see such a clear improvement in how I cope with the exercises and develop. Such fun exercises!


We do it in groups and it builds teams! We fail and succeed together, laugh and cheer each other on, and I'm really looking forward to the next time.


Concretely, the brain training has given me a sense of calm in an otherwise very busy life, I feel more confident about things that I have now also received confirmation that I am good at and I use the brain training as a guiding light in the areas I have a little more difficulty with, both professionally and privately .


There is great power in replacing "I can't do this" with "here I have the potential and opportunity to become an even better and stronger version of myself". I just say wow!

Image of Lars Molnar who is quoted

Lars Molnar

Industry Leader at Google

I hired Coach My Brain for my team building day, where I wanted to add something to our agenda. My wish was to break off the strategic conversations with something new, inspiring and which would activate us. It was a really good day and Coach My Brain delivered really well - a perfect feature that was really appreciated by the team!

Image of Katarina Graffman who is quoted

Katarina Graffman

PhD in anthropology

Of all the methods and forms of training available today, from various self-help literature to intense sweat yoga, I have to say that brain training is by far the most refreshing thing I've tried. It not only provides laughter, fellowship and energy during the training itself. It has also given me both better memory and sharpened concentration!

Image of Envac sales team who is quoted

Envac Scandinavia AB

The Sales team

Very good feature at our sales conference with something completely different! Among other things, we learned more about how we can train our brains to reduce stress, increase our brain capacity, improve our memory and get tools for this.

It was really inspiring, fun and strengthened our team spirit when we got to try some Life Kinetics exercises under the good guidance of Jessica and Daniel.

Image of Patrik Wågensand who is quoted

Patrik Wågensand

Business area manager EBAB in Stockholm AB

With a good trainer and inspirer like Daniel Collin and the Life Kinetik methodology, EBAB's management team and project managers got to train their brains in a way that brought many fun memories and laughter.


Apart from the main purpose and the brain training, I can really recommend you who want to build teams and weld together groups to do this!

Image of Yvonne Pernodd who is quoted

Yvonne Pernodd

Former CEO at Kantar Sifo

Yvonne booked a lecture for the conference and a tailored training program for the entire staff. This is how she says:


"Life Kinetik elevates the digital conference as it is both fun, energizing but above all a challenging form of exercise."

Image of Brandon Sekitto who is quoted

Brandon Sekitto

Entrepreneur and expert in intercultural communication.

Brandon has worked with Daniel as a coach for 2 years. 

"Daniel has been someone who encouraged and supported me. He guides me and helps me make wise decisions that usually apply to my career and life choices at times.


-Thank you, dear mentor, for widening the way and illuminating my mind! I will be grateful to you throughout my continued career.”

Image of Jonas Lidheimer who is quoted

Jonas Lidheimer

Communications Manager Story House Egmont

"I hired Coach My Brain for a digital employee lecture on mental training and brain training.


-It was a great success! 


During the lecture, relevant research and knowledge were interspersed with fun educational exercises. It was a very clear, pleasant and inspiring lecture to listen to.


I highly recommend this lecture to others interested in learning more about brain training and related topics.”

Image of Sanna Wendt who is quoted

Sanna Wendt

Communication strategist within
marketing and sustainability

"Jessica helped me set both long-term and short-term goals that serve as a roadmap in all the choices I face.


In addition, she is personable and committed far beyond what the role of coach requires, and comes with encouragement, tips and wise words when they are most needed!"

Image of Peter Håwi who is quoted

Peter Håwi

Entrepreneur and strategic project manager at advertising agency.

"Training Life Kinetik with Daniel was the best thing that happened to me in 2020 besides meeting my new love."

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Section manager

The police authority

"Good mix of research, theory and practice! In addition, with its own movement, much appreciated.”

Some of those who hired us:

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