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We want to inspire through lectures that are interactive, generate high energy and create curiosity and arouse a desire and desire in the recipient to improve. Exercising the brain is as much fun as it gives insights that it is entirely possible to continue developing throughout life.


The lectures give the audience both theory and concrete experience of what the term Growth mindset means. We provide an introduction to mental training and the Life Kinetic training method - that is, brain training through thoughts and through movements. Tools to help you train your brain and improve your mental and physical well-being.

We also tailor lectures to suit your needs. Common areas we lecture on are stress, efficiency, creativity and productivity, but since the brain is our special interest, we have no problem creating a lecture that suits your wishes.

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Daniel Collin lecturing
Jessica Collin lecturing

Energy kick at the conference


During the pandemic, we have made many features at conferences (not least digital) where our role has been to offer the participants something different, such as for example having everyone do a five-minute brain training exercise on three occasions during half a day. This, together with a short version of our lecture, has been greatly appreciated precisely because it was something completely new and different that gave both knowledge and energy.

We also do highly appreciated half- and full-day programs where in a "Brain bootcamp" we create a content together with the client based on what they want to improve. For example, we have focused on Growth mindset, Team building, Stress, Mental health, Mental training, Mental strength, Personal development to name a few areas our customers usually want to develop in.

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Send an email where you write what your goal with our lecture is, in what context, how many of you there are and how long you want the lecture to be - and we will get back with a proposal.

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