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Life Kinetik at your company

We come to you and hold the training on site or online via Zoom. Our most purchased scheme is training on site, with a session of 60 minutes once a week for 6 weeks and after that, online training with sessions of 30 minutes has been very popular during the pandemic. For companies with offices in multiple locations, we have implemented a hybrid of the two by holding the training in one office while the other offices have connected and participated online. - Everything can be solved in short order!

Several customers have wanted to continue with the training after the 6-week program, which resulted in tailor-made arrangements based on the needs and wishes of each company.

In addition to the documented effects such as reduced stress, increased ability to concentrate, easier to shut out disturbing impressions, improved working memory, etc. a very positive side effect has been the laughter and team spirit created through our training. That's why we usually tell our business customers that we can promise that the worst that can happen is that you have fun together.

Female doing an exersize with ball
Ladies in audience
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