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For companies with staff as its most important resource

It hardly escapes anyone that we are in a time when there is an expectation that most things can be solved with a click. In principle, no matter what industry or sector it is about and no matter how much the technology has developed, in the end it is people who have to do the job. Which should do more and better work in less time.

There is more and more talk about sustainable leadership, which we think is positive and a perspective where we can contribute with Coach My Brain's services. In addition to what is described under Life Kinetics, Mental Training and Coaching, we make customized arrangements for companies such as:


  • Want to inspire and develop your managers and employees to feel good and perform better.

  • Are in a phase of change where you are looking for an experienced consultant to lead, assist or coach you through major or minor changes in the organization.

  • Need a fresh start in the management team, the sales force, the marketing department or the entire company. "It's going well, but we need to start thinking more new!"

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