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Mental training

Imagine sitting and waiting for your name to be called because it will soon be your turn to speak. Or on the referee giving you the gesture that means it's your turn to go to the penalty spot to decide. What is it that makes some of us think these are examples of situations that cause the heart rate to skyrocket, the stomach to rebel and the sweat to break out in the palms - while others seem to rather enjoy the situation?


Giving a speech, or speaking in front of others, has many times been found to be among the worst things many people can imagine. And for an elite-level athlete who misses a crucial penalty, a break from social media may be necessary if he or she does not have a strong psyche. However, none of us can take a break from that inner voice we have. We think as much as about 70,000 thoughts per day, of which on average 80% are negative. 


For elite athletes who want to reach their full potential, there are three areas they need to focus on: physical, technical and mental. If you think of someone who has reached the absolute top of the world, you realize that that person is guaranteed to be at the top in all these areas. -When they are asked how important "the mental" is to their success, they all answer a figure that is between 90 - 100%. 

Even in working life, more and more people are beginning to open their eyes to mental training and what this can do for us at work and thus everyday life. The methodology of mental training is the same no matter what context you are in and the effect is obvious for those who want their inner voice to help them feel good and perform better.

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